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  • 1200桶灌装生产线
  • 1200桶灌装生产线
  • 1200桶灌装生产线
  • 1200桶灌装生产线

1200 barrel filling production line

The 1200 barrels automatic barreled water production line is a special equipment for filling 3 gallons and 5 gallons of pure water. It can also be used for filling distilled water, mineral water and other aseptic liquids.

The equipment integrates automatic lid removal, automatic external brushing, automatic bottle loading mechanism, automatic bottle washing and disinfection, automatic filling, automatic capping, automatic capping and light inspection, heat shrinkable film, pail bagging, and finished product delivery. , The raw materials used meet the requirements of the food industry and other industries. The equipment uses AC380V power supply.
Pneumatic components: Airtac from Taiwan, electrical components from Mitsubishi. This system has reliable performance, easy operation and simple maintenance. The whole bottle washing, filling,
The entire process of capping and capping is carried out in a closed tunnel, which effectively prevents secondary pollution of pure water during the filling process and fully meets the hygienic standards.
The body of this machine is all made of high-quality stainless steel materials, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable composite materials. The electrical and pneumatic systems use imported components, so the equipment has a low failure rate and high reliability.
Working steps: automatic lid removal-automatic external brushing barrel-automatic barrel loading-medicine washing-raw water internal and external washing-pure water internal washing-filling-automatic cap sorting-capping-automatic conveyor belt transmission-light inspection-heat shrinkable-finished product

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  • Q1: do you have reference project?

    A1: We have reference projects in most countries if we get the permission of the customers who have brought the machines from us, we can tell you their contact information, you can go to visit their factory.

    Q2: Do you have agents and after- service stations?

    A2: so far, we have agents in Yemen , Kenya, Uganda ,India and Dubai , welcome to join us.

    Q3: Do you provide customized service?

    A3: We can design the machine according to your requirements , material  , power ,filling type. The kinds of bottles and so on, at same time, we will give you our professional suggestions, as you know, we have been in this industry for many years.

    Q4: What's your guarantee or the warranty of quality if we buy your machines?

    A4: We offer you high-quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.

    Q5: how long time for installation?

    A5: According machines order, we will send you one or two engineers to your plant, it will take about 10 days to 30 days.

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  • Angel Machinery is…

    *Standard workshop of total 8,000 square meters.

    Different types of processing units. Such as water jet cutter, plasma cutter, CNC machine from Taiwan chevalier & korea Daewoo, ensure the precision of parts.

    *International certification, National Certificate of equipment verification, and more than 30 invention patents

    Verification Certificate of equipment:ISO9001:2001:CE Certificate, SGS, COC, TUV.

    National certificate of equipment vetification: standard organization of  Nigeria ,CNCA certificate logo trademark registration, etc.

    *The equipment will be tested and run for 24 hours before leaving the factory to ensure the smooth working of water pipeline and pneumatic electrical and mechanical stability.

    *Sufficient stock of spare parts ensures the timely delivery and supply of spare parts.

    *The engineers are experienced ,we can produce different products with

    different capacities and work out reasonable flow chart as customers requirements to save space.

    *Professional installation team, who can speak fluent English can help customers make benefits in a shortest time.

    We control the quality of our equipment by manufacturing and machining ourselves.Pay attention to each assembly detail and our experienced technicians monitor each key point efficiently during assembly to ensure that the performance and the appearance of each product be perfect.

    Our customer

    To help our customers build an ideal factory. With efficient cost control, we have found the right balance with our customers: Diversify the production range, high-class packaging forms.Meanwhile market competitiveness has been improved because of efficient operation mode of equipments

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